Rig Run-Down: guitars

Hello fans! Are you curious to know what are guitars,effects and amps that I use ? Here is the list of my guitars

  • Yamaha RGX 421D, my first “real” guitar, now equipped with EMG 81/85 pickups
  • Epiphone 1984 Explorer AW, limited edition, with EMG 81/85 pickups
  • Dean Razorback V, bought second-hand without pickup. Installed EMG 81/60
  • Jackson Elite Solist, my main guitar, especially used for solos. I substituted It’s original Seymour Duncan pickups with EMG 81/85
  • EKO VL-480, a low-end LesPaul style guitar. Removed the factory pickups and replaced with Randall UltraXL pickups.

I also own a Cort Arona 4 bass.

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