Behringer FCB 1010 – death and resurrection with arduino

I have a fantastic MIDI pedal board, a Behringer FCB 1010. Very power, always being happy with it, used in many live gigs until it died.

Yes it died. One day I plugged it in and it was not sending MIDI program changes to my Line6 POD 2.0 and then, some months after, stopped to turn on.

As I decided to stop using the POD, also stopped using the FCB 1010 and so it remained in its box for some years.

Now I’m using a Mesa/Boogie TriAxis and would use the FCB 1010 with it. Googled around and discovered that Behringer assistance in Italy is very slow (and expensive) so I decided to repair it by myself using an Arduino Mega, taking inspiration from the one on Practical Usage.

Now I have started to repair it, replacing the main PCB of the FCB1010 with an Arduino Mega and trying to reuse the MIDI and SWITCH circuits and the pedals.

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